Way-Finding-LED luminous plates are the evolution of traditional indoor signpost.
The LED light signage has a significant impact and efficient communication that remains in our minds.
The plates Way Finding-LED in Plexiglas® transparent with printed lettering rendered bright by the effect of tangential lighting, are appreciated for the elegance, simplicity and minimal design, that’s a revolution in the internal signage of museums, theaters, hotels, cellars, clinics etc.
They are fixed to the wall by means of the aluminum profile in which the Leds are contained.

Way-Finding-Led 21.5×15 21.5×15 cm.
Way-Finding-Led 16.5×20 16.5×20 cm.
Way-Finding-Led 21.5×30 21.5×30 cm.
Way-Finding-Led 31.5×20 31.5×20 cm.
Way-Finding-Led 31.5×30 31.5×30 cm.
Way-Finding-Led 41.5×30 41.5×30 cm.


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