Code of Ethics

Geprom, in a perspective of growth and development, offers high quality display systems Made in Italy, as well as a design and customization service in order to support its clientele.
Professionalism, technical skills, quality of material and constant attention to the different needs, have enabled us to satisfy clients, even very demanding ones, and given the opportunity to operate successfully in different international markets.

Our choice is inspired by a Code of Ethics. The basis of our work is loyalty, honesty, maximum transparency in relationships, contracts and in presenting our products. But not only, for us it is also important to respect the confidentiality of projects, contracts and everything related to the sensitive data of our clients. No less important is the focus on social and environmental aspects. We do not exploit labour and professionals working with Geprom are employed and protected.

We do our best to protect the environment by using recyclable and non-toxic materials. We offer solutions that reduce waste, such as the convention of flat pockets in our backlit display stands with Led technology. This gives the possibility to reduce energy consumption, limit the dispersion of CO2 besides favouring the reduction of heat input from sources of light.

What we pursue with our diligence and dedication to work is SUSTAINABLE GROWTH in the name of a responsible long-term development, with full awareness to current connections and interactions between economic and social dimensions.

The marked aptitude to innovation that drives the engineering department, allows us to seize the best opportunities arising from clientele questions.
Everything produced by Geprom is the result of professional excellence, perfect knowledge of materials and technology, choices which are applied and used just for one goal: quality.

We have decided to offer quality products and service. This implies precision in design, attention to every detail in the implementation, advice of 360 degrees how best to meet the needs of the client, clear and correct contracts, flexible in interpreting the constantly changing market demands, and prompt response and delivery.

We strongly believe that the success of a company like ours cannot be separated from ethics in business.
Integrity, transparency, honesty and fairness in Geprom accompany every step of this path of growth and sustainable development.