For those looking for an illuminated display stand, even in large format, customizable with graphic prints and able to enhance visual communication and promotional messages, LightBox-LED is the most fitting indoor light box display. Elegant and boasting an essential design (it is only 6cm thick!), LightBox-LED is perfectly suitable to different environments such as shops, beauty salons and hairdressers, pharmacies and display cases. This illuminated display stand is the perfect solution to enhance brands and advertising messages even within complex and busy areas such as exhibitions and public spaces, from airports to hotels and large shopping centres. Besides being an absolutely safe product and complying with all the reference standards, LightBox-LED is really simple to use. This display stand was designed in order to make the replacement of the printed backlit sheet extremely easy and immediate, indeed it is only stretched out and embedded in the perimeter edges of the display stand, and it can bear any type of promotional message. The outcome is a light box display, with a remarkable appeal and very easy to set up and renovate according to the different visibility needs. Another important aspect for a  high level visual communication is the peculiarity of its luminous effect. As a matter of fact LightBox-LED is a quality product that can make the difference: the use of rigid LED boards with high efficiency and brightness, with micro-prisms on the light sources, ensures intense and uniform lighting (luminous flux close to 180 °), avoiding that annoying dazzling light effect, concentrated only in some points.
LightBox-LED is completely customizzabile, it is realised with a very thin extruded aluminum frame – it can be supplied in single or double sided versions with wall fixing, suspended or self-supporting system– and it can be ordered in different sizes.
LightBox-LED is the light box display that enhance visual communication, answering to specific needs with an efficient, effective and design solution.

LightBox-LED Customizable dimensions

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