The display systems MenuBoard are composed of rear light panels allowing information or promotional messages to be clearly shown. These panels are elegant, flexible and less invasive, a perfect solution to communicate gastronomic proposal menus available at the bar, restaurant and fast-food spots.

The rear light panels from MenuBoard are designed in shockproof transparent Plexiglas® which are light and easy to install. The flat pocket system allows a quick change of the displayed message. The operation can be done completely by hand.

Geprom illuminated display stands are extremely thin only 15 mm, light and versatile thanks to their design and construction. Message pockets in transparent shockproof Plexiglas® can be easily changed or placed in several different positions depending on the needs of the client.
Illumination of Geprom panels takes place through LED, acronym for Light Emitting Diode plus technical chip LED, proportionate in size to guarantee a uniform illuminated and visible message pannel.

Geprom guarantee for all illuminated display stand products include a longer lifetime of 50.000 full functioning hours of light, a good dissipation of heat produced, absence of maintenance, product constructed from environmentally friendly materials together with innovative design, are the force points that distinguish Geprom’s luminous display stands. The LEDs used by Geprom have a 6 years functioning lifetime respect the 6000-7000 hours of the fluorescent tubes. The maintenance is only the cleaning of the screen that must be done with normal products for plexiglas.

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