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Handiness and features

Totem and display stands handy and features to use

All our display systems are designed to provide maximum use-convenience. Each detail expresses the search of handiness objects. The display stands are designed for an easy and quick sheet interchanging, this thanks to side hooks facilitating the replacement. At the same time, those details are thought to give stylish and attractive shape, colour and design.

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Quality and life

Essential features of our products

The materials used for the dispaly stand production ensure optimal life and stress resistance during intensive and daily use. Metals of high quality, Plexiglas® and thermo-hardening powder coating for a guaranteed resistance and life.

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A customized range of acessories

Choose together according to your needs.

In our catalogue we have many display solutions that can surely solve many display problems such as space, design, shape and display capacity.The advantage we offer is also the possibility to customize according to client’s requirements. This is possible because we are not a company selling impoted goods, but we are manufacturer of the items we offer.

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Certificazioni per materiali ad uso alimentare MOCA Food display stands according to regulations

Food display stands according to regulations. The issue of controls on FCMs: food contact materials and objects is a particularly current topic, especially in light of the latest developments in terms of regulations. During 2017, LEGISLATIVE DECREE no. 29 of February 10, 2017 entered into force, sanctioning regulations for the violation of provisions referred to in […]

Safe and quality exhibition stands with CE marking

Safe and quality exhibition stands with CE marking Today, the globalised market offers the possibility of choosing from a wide range of exhibition stands to improve communication. But this great offer can hide real pitfalls, especially with regard to the quality and safety of display stands. Recently, significant problems related to the CE marking have […]

Exhibition area

Experience the quality of Geprom products Geprom invites you to discover the quality of its exhibition stands in the new company space. From today it is possible to visit, by appointment, the exhibition area dedicated to Geprom models and solutions: a new exhibition space created to experience first-hand the quality of display stands, plaques, totems, […]

Plexiglass, Plexyglas or Plexy-glass: how do you spell it?

Plexiglass, Plexyglas or Plexy-glass: how do you spell it? Maybe you wrote this word in a thousand different ways: Plexiglas, Plexiglass, Plexy-glas, Plexi-glass, and again Plexi, Plex, Plexy. In fact, although it is always pronounced the same way, writing “Plexiglas” is a little more complex. First of all Plexiglas is one word, so forms such […]

Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics Geprom, in a perspective of growth and development, offers high quality display systems Made in Italy, as well as a design and customization service in order to support its clientele. Professionalism, technical skills, quality of material and constant attention to the different needs, have enabled us to satisfy clients, even very demanding […]

Made in Italy quality

Made in Italy quality Italian products have always been synonymous with quality, differentiation, specialization, design and style. Geprom designs and engineering use certified and guaranteed materials for all display stands. Poor quality display stands which turn yellow, crack and over time show flaws and imperfections, are certainly not the best tool with which to communicate […]


Consultancy for visual communication Geprom offers all its clients a consulting service to design strategically visual communication, both for indoors and outdoors, for agencies, offices and businesses. Geprom not only produces and develops Made in Italy display stands made of certified high-quality materials, but also supplies a consultancy service to optimize and make even more efficient, […]

Internal production

Internal production Geprom, as well as selecting and using quality certified materials, as always entirely designs, develops and mounts its own models. This is a choice, which brings many advantages to those who choose display stands by Geprom. First of all, thanks to the indoor engineering department, it is possible to conceive, design, engineer and […]

Full service

Full service Besides having a wide range of high quality-certified display stands, Geprom offers its clients a full service, from assistance in choosing the most suitable models to supplying pre – assembled displays, a service which allows a saving in equipment. Thanks to their in-depth knowledge of the models manufactured inside the company, Geprom staff […]

Versatility and tailor-made solutions

Versatility and tailor-made solutions The display systems by Geprom are extremely versatile, flexible and customizable to clientele needs. Any client can depend on high-quality displays and customized stands. The display stands by Geprom are completely made by skilled engineers. From the conception to the designing and development, all stages of production are followed and conducted […]

The quality of Plexiglas® always performs for display stands

Plexiglas Resist® The quality of Plexiglas® always performs for display stands Geprom produces display systems using Plexiglas Resist® (shockproof) produced and certified by Rhöm, a German company specialized in the production of this precious and versatile material. Used for different kinds of products, Plexiglas Resist® (shockproof) has features of transparency similar to glass, but with […]

Thermosetting powder coating

Thermosetting powder coating For display stands with coated metal parts, Geprom uses powder coating, a coating process used for metallic and non-metallic surfaces with an organic film which in addition to ensuring a decorative finish, protects against corrosion and aggressive agents. The electrostatic powder thermosetting coating process is based on the creation of a high […]


Eco-substainability The Geprom products are made of completely recyclable and non-toxic materials which are thus less binding from the disposal point of view. Among them the luminous display stands also allow an intelligent management of energy consumption: brightness being equal, the LED technology used by Geprom for this display system helps control consumption, limit CO2 […]

Geprom quality is guaranted for 30 years

Geprom quality is guaranted for 30 years This material is high quality product Plexiglas® used in Geprom display stand production is a high quality material, with a  30 year guarantee against yellowing. Light does not change perceptibly the appearance, brilliance or the surface of uncoloured and transparent Plexiglas® because it has a natural UV protection. […]

Protective galvanic treatment gives an aesthetic finish

Protective galvanic treatment gives an aesthetic finish The surface treatments used by Geprom for the finishing of its display stand metallic parts such as decorative elements, fixing accessories, tensioning devices and side clamps differ mainly in copper plating, nickel plating and decorative chrome plating. Such combinations of treatments can be applied to archive the best […]

Materials certified for food use

Materials certified for food use Geprom has always taken care of the quality of its products and manufacturing display stands specific for food, by using certified Plexiglas® suitable for food contact. In a consolidated view of the supply chain, the concept of food safety is now extended to the components and materials which, by coming […]

The best products for cleaning and disinfecting Plexiglas®

The best products for cleaning and disinfecting Plexiglas® Geprom is attentive to the quality of its products and above all to the satisfaction of its customers: that’s why we offer professional products for cleaning of displays in Plexiglas®. Proper maintenance of displays in Plexiglas® makes their use durable and always with functional performances. To complement […]


F.A.Q. / Fequently asked questions: Wall display stand / showcase Question: Are the wall/showcase display stands with clamps or rods easy to assemble? Yes, these types of display stands are simple and quick to assemble. All pockets are supplied with preassembled clamps, just fasten the wires or rods and accessories. Question: Are the pockets intercheangable? Yes, the pockets […]