Geprom supplies display stands for Acqua dell’Elba at Florence

After the elegant shop at Siena, Geprom Design supplied the display stands for the new shop Acqua dell’Elba at Florence, prestigious brand of craft fragrances, created and produced on Elba.

Opened in May at Florence in the main street via Dei Calzaiuoli n. 45, a street connecting Piazze della Signoria with Piazza Duomo, the new store is situated in an area of intense movement allowing the products by Acqua dell’Elba to have enormous visibility .

The headquarters and the laboratories of Acqua dell’Elba are located in Marciana Marina (Elba) a choice guaranteeing the respect of the fundamental values on which the company is founded: excellence, creativity and uniqueness.

Geprom supplied the customized great Backlit panels placed at the entrance which also serve as a sign as well as a high impact decorative element.

The display stands are used both as support to the interior decoration and for promotional purposes. Thanks to the application of the Led system the brand and the displayed images are more visible. The commissioned customized backlit panels made of Plexiglas® have been placed on the left and right side of store entrance giving a strong visual impact, which is most noticeable at night because it immediately catches the attention of the passers-by.

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