Signage of excellence for an international event

Geprom has had the honour of being chosen as a partner by Star Events, a long-time partner, to create the physical and digital signs for an exceptional event, the Football World Cup 2022 in Qatar.

The decision to rely on Geprom was dictated by our consolidated experience in the design and production of cutting-edge exhibition solutions, capable of transforming the environment and communicating effectively.

Consistent and impactful communication

For an event of this magnitude, it is essential to ensure uniform and consistent signage that guides and informs the public and insiders effectively. Geprom has made a variety of high-quality products for informational and promotional purposes. Our custom-made internal signage has played a fundamental role in facilitating people’s orientation, providing clear and precise directions to reach the different areas of the buildings. The customisation of the materials made it possible to integrate the signage in a harmonious way with the atmosphere of the event.

High visual impact promotional messages

To capture attention and convey informative and promotional messages of great visual impact, we have chosen LightBox-LED. These backlit box display stands have been installed in different areas of the buildings, creating highly relevant focal points. Even with considerable format demands, the LightBox-LED were made compactly thanks to an ingenious internal panelling system and LED lighting. This solution ensured maximum visibility of the content, effectively capturing the attention of the audience.

A team work

The collaboration between Geprom and Star Events was a synergy of talents and skills that gave rise to high-impact signage for the event.

The combination of our experience in the exhibition sector and passion for innovation has made it possible to create an engaging and informative environment for all participants.

For more details on our signage solutions visit our Exhibition Solution page, if you want to design visual communication with us for your next event Contact us.