Geprom signs the visual communication and latest indoor signposts of the Pontificial Latern University

Geprom has provided the display systems for communications and indoor signposts of the prestigious institute, thereby focusing on quality and customised solutions.
Geprom has designed and produced plates, totem and message boards for communication and indoor signs of the Pontificial Latern University, a worldwide renowned institution, which in its two centuries of history has been visited by saints and popes.
Today, this prestigious university offers a panorama of cutting edge educational development and scientific research.
Four faculties, two institutes and even Masters degrees and specialization courses project the university onto the international scene as a reference point for the growth of cultural, character and pastoral formation of the new generation. Teachers and students come from all over the world, to meet, learn and grow.
A reality so articulate and so alive needs very complex communication. One of the main priorities was to convey information to the students and above all to make use of space by providing the correct tools of orientation within the building.
With these two purposes in mind, Geprom was asked to plan and make new display systems, which when designed would support the visual communication and interior signs at the university.
This double requirement found an answer in Geprom’s quality and versatility to all the solutions provided, including standard products and customization.
As for the communication aspects, teachers and students can always keep up to date thanks to the visual communication systems developed ad hoc: with great flexibility, Geprom made a series of noticeboards WBBS-LP as well as the customized display stands WW-Display fixed using rope which can be perfectly adapted to different sizes.
And again, in the entrance hall to welcome the students, Geprom proposed special Info-Totem that provide all the information.
But that’s not all: the functional column StopLine with a 50×70 panel, immediately signals clearly the type of event held in the main lecture hall, while the brochure-holder WST provides users all the material the students need.
The indoor sign system has been designed to accurately guide students and teachers. Geprom supplied plates and signs such as TAPWS, TAPWW, TAPWH, TAPWL and WAB all made of high quality materials that withstand the test of time without forgetting care and attention of the design

Pontificial Latern University