Geprom for Autoguidovie: the display stands for sustainable mobility.

Since 2009 Geprom supplies its display stands to Autoguidovi, a company established in 1908 which steadily grew throughout the years to become today the manager of the urban and suburban bus service which moves 23 million passengers each year.

For Autoguidovie, Geprom designed the ticket office information point in Crema and San Donato Milanese (at the underground station).
Both outfits of the ticket office are made of equipped walls like WW–Display, the display system designed for a configuration of the layout according to manifold customized needs.
For the interior fit out of the ticket office, Autoguidovie asked for the W-BOOK, system, the book display stand particularly functional to exploit small spaces in the best possible way.

Together with these fittings there was the flat pocket message holder suitable for public notices on buses. For the communication of the fleet of Autoguidovia, which has about 500 modern and eco-friendly buses working throughout the national territory, Geprom created a special alternative of the WS-Display stand, a model designed for quick message exchange consisting of a flat pocket made of shockproof and transparent Plexiglas®.

The particular purpose (bus windows) required a planning phase: Together with the leading world manufacturer of biadhesive some experimental tests had been performed. One test in particular in collaboration with Autoguidovie, a company always available and open to new solutions, was carried out for some months using the Geprom display stands. This tested the materials designed to withstand wear and vandalism.

Geprom had to find an alternative solution for the anchorage of the display stands: the supplied  WS-Display did not have side edges so could not be fixed with rivets and clamps. The fixture occurred by using a specific biadhesive.

www.autoguidovie.it – Youtube

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