The backlight-panel WS -Panel-LED, captures the attention for its simplicity, design and elegance.
It is consists of a transparent Plexiglas® panel equipped with a led backlight system and can be fixed to the wall with wall sockets.
It can be customized with a film applied at the back or direct print “picture-effect”.

Wall-fixing with wall sockets.

The backlight panels by Geprom are extremely thin, 12 mm only.

WS-Panel-LED 30×21 30×21 cm (bxh)
WS-Panel-LED 42×30 42×30 cm (bxh)
WS-Panel-LED 50×21 50×21 cm (bxh)
WS-Panel-LED 50×30 50×30 cm (bxh)
WS-Panel-LED 70×21 70×21 cm (bxh)
WS-Panel-LED 70×30 70×30 cm (bxh)
WS-Panel-LED 70×42 70x42cm (bxh)
WS-Panel-LED 70×50 70×50 cm (bxh)
WS-Panel-LED 100×70 100×70 cm (bxh)
WS-Panel-LED 140×100 140×100 cm (bxh)


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