Communication by means of monitors is the modern evolution of traditional static communication systems. In particular, the projection of video can create in the interlocutor a direct approach to the sensory aspects and verbal communication.
Thanks to the experience gained over the years directly in the field of “visual communication“, Geprom offers monitors of different types and sizes not subject to government concession fees or taxes, as is mandatory in new generation TVs or Smart TVs.
For every situation, need and location there is a specific tool.
With regard to communication inside glass display cases facing outwards, Geprom offers high-performance monitors designed to withstand known stresses, such as high temperatures due especially to sunshine, to have a lot of brightness during daylight hours and to attenuate it in the evening/night hours so as not to blind the user.
In fact, with IR power modulators, depending on the ambient light of the moment, the monitors can reach high brightness of up to 2500-3000 cd/m2, therefore 8/10 times the brightness of a normal monitor.
Similarly for indoor environments not subject to direct and frontal insolation, Geprom offers less powerful monitors on the brightness side but equally performing.
The service factor is also an element of fundamental importance since for most of the monitors offered, for example, use is guaranteed 24/7, that is, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The management of the monitor can take place with different systems and types of interconnection including dedicated players that govern its normal operation to produce looped images and videos or connect to your websites or dedicated web pages.
A wide range of interfacing systems makes this device a real communication tool and can be managed independently even by non-experts, both locally and remotely, having a wired or WiFi network connection.

VDP-32-400-QLS 32”  400 cd/m18/7
VDP-43-400-QLS 43”  400 cd/m18/7
VDP-50-400-QLS 50”  400 cd/m18/7
VDP-55-400-QLS 55”  400 cd/m18/7
VDP-65-400-QLS 65”  400 cd/m18/7
VDP-32-500-DLS 32”  500 cd/m24/7
VDP-43-500-DLS 43”  500 cd/m24/7
VDP-50-500-DLS 50”  500 cd/m24/7
VDP-55-500-DLS 55”  500 cd/m24/7
VDP-65-500-DLS 65”  500 cd/m24/7
VDP-43-750-PLS 43”  750 cd/m24/7
VDP-50-750-PLS 50”  750 cd/m24/7
VDP-55-750-PLS 55”  750 cd/m24/7
VDP-65-750-PLS 65”  750 cd/m24/7
VDP-55-2500-H 55”  2500 cd/m24/7
VDP-65-3000-H 65”  3000 cd/m24/7


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