The display stand WMS-Display is a notice board that above all is extremely useful for all outdoor displaying where messages are easily ruined by condensation and mist. However, it is also ideal for indoors where it is important to preserve messages on a protected notice board. Designed using a supporting panel, it is made of transparent Plexiglas® and a flexible, protective, removable polycarbonate sheet: both which are combined by a flexible magnet, with knobs wall attachment.

Optional is the metallic bottom to position with micro message magnets.

WMS-A4v ISO A4 vertical (21×30 cm)
WMS-A4o ISO A4 horizzontal (30×21 cm)
WMS-A3v ISO A3 vertical (30×42 cm)
WMS-A3o ISO A3 horizzontal (42×30 cm)
WMS-50×70 50×70 cm
WMS-70×50 70×50 cm
WMS-70×100 70×100 cm
WMS-100×70 100×70 cm
WMS-100×140 100×140 cm
WMS-140×100 140×100 cm
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