Geprom’s display systems for CENTROPADANA BANK

For the restyling of the many branches, Bank Centropadana chose Geprom products and services, company with a long experience in planning and designing of display stands for banks and lending institution.
With its many branches, the restyling of the offices of Bank Centropadana Bank represented for Geprom and its team another stimulating project, providing solutions with the goal of supporting the communication activity inside the lending institutes.
Ever since being linked to the territory (the area in which the bank operates includes the provinces of Lodi, Pavia, Piacenza, Milan, Cremona and Alessandira), Bank Centropadana since 1900, collects within its main branch the different experiences of country banks that are present in the territory.
This is a well-organized and important project which gives the opportunity to propose solutions and high-quality display systems that respond to the complex communication demands of the client.
Among the products provided at the many branches of Bank Centropadana we can find the one-sided Totem T-Classic, the flat pocket display stands WW-Display, the backlit display stands WW-Led and three different plates: the model to fix on the wall TAPWS, the suspended model TAPWH and the combined plates TAPWW.

Bank Centropadana