Our display solutions for every type of environment

For hotels and restaurants

Original solutions for visual communication for the hotel sector Geprom makes display systems for catering and hotels by offering solutions that can be used for reception of guests, advertising [...]

Display solutions for outpatient clinics and waiting rooms

Geprom manufactures display systems suitable to support all communication activities in the health sector, offering display stands and display systems for waiting rooms which are ideal for [...]

Display systems for drugstores and over-the-counter

Today, drugstores and over-the-counter stores need many new displays more than ever. The Geprom display systems offer the possibility to improve both shop window dressing and indoor [...]

Display stands for car showroom and car dealers: organize the space with Geprom

Easy to use and extremely functional, the display stands for car showrooms made by Geprom are the ideal tools for supporting all communication activities and promotion for car dealers. In order [...]

Luminous display stands for estate agencies

Geprom offers a complete range of luminous display stands for estate agencies to visibly improve and enchance intended messages thanks to LED technology. The Geprom luminous display systems are [...]

Candy shop display stands

Specialized in design and production of display stands, Geprom makes specific display stands for food use. Among the most popular products are candy boxes, essential for fitting out complete [...]

Message pockets for insurance agencies: professionalism in the shop window

Geprom produces display systems for insurance agencies, both to effectively promote many different offers and to expose information for clients. Geprom produces display systems for insurance [...]

Display stands for travel agencies by Geprom: versatility and efficacy in the shop window.

Geprom display stands for travel agencies are extremely versatile and adaptable to all needs. The sleek, innovative and functional design makes the display stand especially suitable for exposing [...]

Display stands for estate agencies

Geprom presents a wide range of display stands for estate agencies. These display stands know how to respond to the specific needs of this particular sector. The continuous updating of proposals [...]

Display stands for cinemas and theaters

Specialized in the design and manufacture of display stands and products for the sector of visual communication, Geprom makes display stands for cinemas and theaters, functional tools for the [...]