The latest Panel-Led by Geprom for the exclusive Hotel L’O of Venice

An absolutely prestigious and fascinating location for the latest Panel-Led by Geprom: The Hotel L’O of Venice, the latest hotel, overlooking onto the Grand Canal, is entirely dedicated to the world of the watches.
The Hotel L’O stands as a new major player for Venetian hospitality where everything is absolutely studied in detail, from the choice of materials to the finishings, and as far as the particular interpretation given to the theme of the clocks with wood panelling and original mechanisms.
This is an absolutely unique and charming environment, the result of a project that cares about quality from every point of view.
Within this precious environment, Geprom has provided the latest Panel-Led, the best quality product and the result of research and 100 % Made in Italy production.
Super-thin luminous panels – only 12 mm – of accurate design, the Panel-Led are made of a panel in transparent Plexiglas® having a led back-light system and which can be mounted on a wall.
Thanks to its high level of customization, based on a ingenious system that allows both the application onto the back with adhesive film and to print a stamp directed to produce a “framework” effect, it has been possibile to create a tailor made Panel-Led, able to meet the specifications required by the hotel L’O of Venice.

Hotel L’O of Venice