The display stand B-Totem-LED is the bright evolution of the convex totem. Prized for its stability and great capacity to attract attention thanks to the doublesided graphic, applied with adhesive film on the convex surfaces.
The models B-Totem-L 100/150/200 can be situated inside or outside, thanks to the self-supporting structure, constructed with a base and top in galvanized metal, columns in aluminum and the whole painted in metallic embossed grey and designed and arranged for floor fixture.
The panels are in opal polycarbonate specific for the backlighting, to film with your graphics.

The inside lighting equipment is provided with low voltage 12V DC LED bars and a net feeder equipped with CE certificate according to the EC regulations.


B-Totem-LED 100 h 100 cm. Graphic design
B-Totem-LED 150 h 150 cm. Graphic design
B-Totem-LED 200 h 200 cm. Graphic design
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