The WSTPM display panel is a wall-mounted message carrier with an elegant and functional design, suitable for displaying information outside the door, the normal way-finding or security indications in environments such as offices, banks, hospitals or shops.
Consisting of a Plexiglas® panel spaced from the wall with a pleasant appearance, it is completed by a special magnetic front system similar to a flat pocket for the containment of the display message that guarantees a quick and precise replacement of the printed message.
The refined coloured finish of the frame can be customised with colours, logos, textures or prints.

WSTPM-A5v ISO A5 vertical (15×21 cm)
WSTPM-15×30 15×30 cm. (bxh)
WSTPM-A5o ISO A5 horizzontal (21×15 cm)
WSTPM-A4v ISO A4 vertical (21×30 cm)
WSTPM-30×15 30×15 cm. (bxh)
WSTPM-A4o ISO A4 horizzontal (30×21 cm)
WSTPM-A3v ISO A3 vertical (30×42 cm)
WSTPM-A3o  ISO A3 horizzontal (42×30 cm)


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