String-Guideline is the classic, simple and discreet version of the guideline system. The band or cord column takes two functions to mark paths or walkways both directional and for safety in the most elegant environments such as museums, theaters, churches, trades, hall and showrooms.

String-Guideline consists of a column, a highly stable convex base with an upper cap having 8 holes for safe and easy hooking of the chromed and polished
spring catches. At the upper end of the cap is a hole for optional fixtures such as flat message pockets or brochure pockets in transparent shockproof plexiglas®

String-Guideline-S BRV Varnished (small version) Color
String-Guideline-S BRC Polished chrome (small version)
String-Guideline BRV Varnished Color
String-Guideline BRC Polished chrome
WSGL-V Varnished (wall version) Color
WSGL-C Polished chrome (wall version)
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