GuideLine / W-Line


The system band queue guideline GuideLine is an indispensable and expansible tool for the organization of reserved space and pre-arranged routes.

It is made of a highly stable column and convex base with rollup mechanism for the 3 mt belt. It comes complete with hooking possibility for up to 3 belts for
building multiple routes.

The upper part can be mounted with accessories such as noticesigns /flat pocket poster-signs and brochure pockets in transparent shockproof plexiglas®

GuideLine BRV Polished Color
GuideLine BRC Glossy chromed
GuideLine BRV-S Polished (small version) Color
GuideLine BRC-S Glossy chromed (small version)
W-Line V Polished(wall version) Color
W-Line C Glossy chromed (wall versione)
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