Protective galvanic treatment gives an aesthetic finish

The surface treatments used by Geprom for the finishing of its display stand metallic parts such as decorative elements, fixing accessories, tensioning devices and side clamps differ mainly in copper plating, nickel plating and decorative chrome plating. Such combinations of treatments can be applied to archive the best quality results.

The galvanic treatment is used for example for the covering of the columns: GuideLine, String-GuideLine, StopLine, Bookstand.


Multilayer treatment cycles consist of alternating phases of copper plating, nickel plating and decorative chrome plating.

The copper plating is an electroplating treatment to protect metals generally used as a preventive coat or in-between of the complete protection cycle.

The main materials on which we carry out these copper interventions are iron, stainless steel, brass and aluminium.

The covering of copper is a very useful process which makes the following treatment of other metals possible without affecting adhesion or increasing the life of materials, which then become nickeled and chromed.

Nickel plating is one of the most common plating processes.

Thanks to its features, it enables items to obtain excellent decorative and aesthetic characteristics.
The deposit has a good surface hardness and by using organic additives it guarantees a good glossy and levelled cover on the base materials.

It is a deposit that is used as an in-between cover layer, with successive finishing treatments.

The decorative chromium plating is a surface treatment of the final details with the advantage of conferring features of corrosion resistance and an optimal aesthetic aspect. Thanks precisely to recognized corrosion, mechanical rubbering, stainless features and glossiness, it is possible to obtain items with a high, elegant appearance.

The treatment of metal parts makes them particularly resistant to weathering and corrosion, ensuring over time, a longer product life.