Full service

Besides having a wide range of high quality-certified display stands, Geprom offers its clients a full service, from assistance in choosing the most suitable models to supplying pre – assembled displays, a service which allows a saving in equipment.


Thanks to their in-depth knowledge of the models manufactured inside the company, Geprom staff isable to give suggestions, explanations and a 360 complete service.
Through availability, professionalism and in-depth expertise concerning materials and technology, Geprom staff advises clients in understanding the features and quality of the product. In this way our staff assist in simplifying judgment and selection of the display stands.
Once the model has been identified, Geprom ensures the maximum clarity and total transparency in the contract, because the company goal is the satisfaction of the client.
Once ready, the display stands by Geprom are carefully packed, using sure and environmentally friendly packing-systems. Besides the company invests a lot in perfection reaching so the best final product. Quick and on time delivery.
And finally, the great advantage of Geprom display stands is that they are already pre-assembled. In this way it is not necessary to invest in other resources for the assembling service.
With Geprom, quality and reliability are always profitable.




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