Made in Italy quality

Italian products have always been synonymous with quality, differentiation, specialization, design and style. Geprom designs and engineering use certified and guaranteed materials for all display stands.

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Poor quality display stands which turn yellow, crack and over time show flaws and imperfections, are certainly not the best tool with which to communicate and present our business. In fact, we never forget two fundamental aspects: the first is that not all that is transparent is Plexiglas® and above all, when it is used for visual communication, the public perceives what the company shows, and from this perception depends the idea and the position of same company and its products.


Investing in quality is without doubt the best choice because this principle always pays in the long run.                                                                                                                                      All display stands by Geprom are made of high quality material and processing in Plexiglas®, thanks to which Geprom has generated a wide range of display stands. Geprom uses Plexiglas Resist® material with resiliency features 4 times higher than those of the extruder normally used. Moreover, the Rhöm 30 year certificate guarantees this material against yellowing. Plexiglas Resist® selected by Geprom has transparency features similar to glass and maintains this transparency over time.  As well as being shockproof and able to withstand wear and weather, it is flexible and can be used many times without getting damaged.


Like Plexiglas Resist®, the Led lights used for making the backlight display stands by Geprom are also the result of a meticulous study of materials. The high-quality Led lights used by Geprom are assembled in Italy and have a guarantee of 50.000 hours. In addition to which, because the Led lights work with low voltage, they represent a very advantageous solution as the high brightness repays in consumption, while at the same time keeps costs to a minimum.


All processing, treatment and varnishing by Geprom are Made in Italy and are the result of long research, culminating in the selection of beautiful solutions which last over time. Among these solutions we find the hexavalent chromium- plating which guarantees a higher resistance against corrosion and abrasion. This is a highly sought-after process, which makes the display stands even more attractive and pleasant to the touch.
From chrome plating to finishing, from cables to customized processed display stands, the Geprom display systems represent the perfect combination between knowledge of the material and the most perfect and recognizable Italian style.