F.A.Q. / Fequently asked questions:

Wall display stand / showcase

  • Question: Are the wall/showcase display stands with clamps or rods easy to assemble?
    Yes, these types of display stands are simple and quick to assemble. All pockets are supplied with preassembled clamps, just fasten the wires or rods and accessories.
  • Question: Are the pockets intercheangable?
    Yes, the pockets are easily interchangeable and are available in many formats: Keeping constant the distance of the cables within the same size, (21-30-42-50-70-100) it is possible to replace the pockets with the different sizes available.
  • Can the display-windows be cleaned?
    The special construction systems have been specially designed to facilitate the movement of the display wall and allow easy cleaning of the display-windows. ( Visit this page for further information about the suitable cleaning products for Plexiglas®).

Fequently asked questions:

  • Question: What are the iso formats?
    the ISO formats are those formats unified according
    the ISO standards, all in all they are standard formats:
    – A5=148×210 mm
    – A4=210×297 mm
    – A3=420×297 mm
  • Question: What does pocket mean?
    The flat pocket (or message pocket) is a pocket for sheet holding which is folded like a book.
  • Question: How can the sheet inside the flat pockets be replaced ?
    The sheet/message can be quickly replaced by slightly opening the surfaces to slip it off or put it in.
  • Question: How can Plexiglas® be cleaned?
    All that is needed for cleaning and maintenance of Plexiglas ® is just clean water.
    When using specific products please look under the information about cleaning and maintenance.
  • Question: Do Plexiglas ® acessories keep their transparency over time?
    The Plexiglas we use from Rohm GmbH & Co, has a 30 year guarantee against yellowing and loss of brightness.
  • Question: Is it possible to find spare parts?
    As we are the producer, all materials can be supplied within a in short time by Geprom.
  • Question: Is it possible to customize the display stands?
    Geprom design is able to supply all display stand models customized (for example B-DB-EXPO-INFO-OUT TOTEM) complete with adhesive film and their own graphic art and company logo.
  • Question: Is it possible to change the pocket format?
    On many models produced by Geprom (for example T-W- Classic – T-Q- Tower) it is possible to change the pocket format. In fact, we have a wide range of interchangeable acessories and various formats.