Display systems for drugstores and over-the-counter

Today, drugstores and over-the-counter stores need many new displays more than ever.

The Geprom display systems offer the possibility to improve both shop window dressing and indoor communication: this is precisely an optimal organization of communication which allows goods to be distinguished, or to be enhanced and attractive to client attention, avoiding the effect of chaos due to the large quantity of products and brands displayed in drugstores and over-the-counter today.

Among the display systems for drugstores and over-the-counter stores proposed by Geprom, there are products which can be placed in shop windows such as the luminous display stands which best know how to value promotional messages and advertising posters. In addition to the WW-display standard, Geprom is able to develop and produce display stands that use LED technology.

The flat pocket display stand WW-Led was requested by InFarma Parafarmacia of Milan.

This thin but at the same time strong luminous display stand allows quick and easy replacement of the advertising posters.

Expo-Video is another product by Geprom particularly suited for enhancing communications of shop windows, in side drugstores and over-the-counter stores. Expo-Video is a column display stand with monitor, which is perfect for displaying digital TV, video, computers and digital photo frames.

Inside drugstore communication needs are increasing: advertising messages and products must be valued, plates and signs are required to indicate areas used for analysis, tests etc.. Another important aspect is the necessity to ensure customer privacy within the drugstore.

Geprom offers a wide range of products for organizing, in the best possible way, communication inside the drugstore and over-the-counter: such as the desk display stands (models ESD and EBP) for brochures and publications, or the Roundstand column for objects, perfect for proposing products on offer or the latest ideas.

Useful for indoor signs, the column display standInfo-Point is particularly versatile. It can be prepared with message pockets, pockets for brochures and customized panels or banners. Info-Point can be adapted to the different communication needs of drugstores for both indoor and shop window dressing.

Another extremely functional display system for message valorisation is the WS-Display, a system required by the drugstore Prete at San Marzano, designed with flat pocket system and quick, easy exchange of the promotional poster.

Finally, to promote respect for privacy, Geprom suggests the column StopLine, made of a column and rounded base to ensure higher stability. At the top it can be equipped with many accessories such as notices/ poster holder and flat pockets for brochures all made of shockproof Plexiglas®.

The column StopLine is a essential tool to organize private areas and define private spaces.

All products proposed in the Geprom catalogue are made with high quality materials. Geprom is able to answer specific enquiries and design customized display systems.

For example, the drugstore Pozzoli at Vidigulfo (Pavia) required, in addition to the display stands BB-Display and Info-Point, cubes in coloured Plexiglas ® to create a unique and functional window dressing of the drugstore.