Candy shop display stands

Specialized in design and production of display stands, Geprom makes specific display stands for food use.

Among the most popular products are candy boxes, essential for fitting out complete candy shops, corners in bars, bakeries, ice-cream shops or multiscreen cinemas where the demand for such display stands may be for over 200 candy boxes.

The Geprom candy shop display stands are made of Plexiglas® which are certified for contact with food. The candy boxes PCBL and PCS are suitable for both packed or loose candy confections.

The display stand PCBL is a candy box with “air vent”. Prepared for the shovel insertion and made of transparent Plexiglas®, it is available in both versions with or without collapsible swing lid.

Suitable both for the distribution of packed or loose products, this candy box is characterized by a special stacking structure which facilitates the stacking of entire walls.

On the other hand, the display stand PCS is like a silo with top loading and equipped with a opening lid.

Even the column Roundstand is perfect for candy shop preparation.

Suitable for containing wrapped candies, Roundstand consists of a stylish half-ball container made of acrylic material and a stable rounded base made of painted or chromed metal.

Geprom has supplied candy boxes model PCBL and some special silos to candy shops such as Galleria del Corso (Monza/Mb), a well known shop that implemented and distinguished its offers by setting up an important area for sweets/candies and gadgets: La Casa del Dolce (Rezzato/Bs) specialized in sweets, handmade chocolate and confectionery as well as gift ideas while Candy Candy (Sacile/Pn) offers candies, sweets and gadgets.

However, every candy shop has its own individual needs according to both space organization and type of the products displayed. Geprom is able to answer client needs, creating solutions ad hoc for all.

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