Choose the most suitable display system: consulting service for advertising agencies

Geprom places itself at the disposal of their client because it is a consulting service and technical support aimed at communicating with professionals who are faced with visual communication [...]

Message pockets for insurance agencies: professionalism in the shop window

Geprom produces display systems for insurance agencies, both to effectively promote many different offers and to expose information for clients. Geprom produces display systems for insurance [...]

Versatile solutions for the planning of exhibition stands

High quality materials and Italian design to set up stands and exhibition spaces Geprom also designs tools to support visual communication capable of responding to the many needs for exhibition [...]

The Geprom display solutions are made with high quality material suitable for contact with food

Geprom makes display stands in transparent Plexiglas® for holding food products such as sweets, pastries, cereals, coffee, sugar and spices. The food cases in Plexiglas® can be assembled in two [...]

Customized display stands: individual attention by Geprom

Besides the offers in the catalogue, Geprom engineers are able to design and make customized display stands.  In fact, an asset of Geprom products is the wide customization possibility which [...]

The visual of betting agencies: a team always winning with Geprom

The wide Geprom offer is aimed at those who need to communicate business initiatives, promote their business and set up the retail space. The company at Calvisano offers display stands made of [...]

Indoor display stands: ideal solutions for any communication need

To meet different communication needs, Geprom makes a wide range of indoor display stands characterized by easy to use and functional design suitable for highlighting service information, [...]

The best desk display stands: restistant and multifunctional

To display quickly and easily messages, warnings and notices in small spaces, the best solution is represented by the desk display: small supports for business and institutional communication [...]

Display stands for travel agencies by Geprom: versatility and efficacy in the shop window.

Geprom display stands for travel agencies are extremely versatile and adaptable to all needs. The sleek, innovative and functional design makes the display stand especially suitable for exposing [...]

Advertising display stands for showcases

Communicating properly is essential to the success of every company, especially in sectors having direct contact with the public. In the retail trade it is very important to be able to provide [...]

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