The Geprom display solutions are made with high quality material suitable for contact with food

caramelliera-particolare-per-alimenti-trasparente-2Geprom makes display stands in transparent Plexiglas® for holding food products such as sweets, pastries, cereals, coffee, sugar and spices.

The food cases in Plexiglas® can be assembled in two different solutions: with a up-and-over lid which is hidden inside or loaded from the top as in the silos version. In oder to form a display wall which takes the minimum of commercial space, the structure has been specifically designed to be stackable.

The candy boxes with “air vent” proposed by Geprom are available with single or multi-holes. All candy boxes are also designed for small slices and can be supplied with or without a lid. The Geprom  candy boxes are suitable for both packed food or loose sweets: As a matter of fact, the Calvisano company, uses Plexiglas® suitable for food contact according the regulations  (guaranteed by Röhm).

The use of transparent Plexiglas® is the construction method developed by Geprom engineers in order to make boxes suitable for food. These must be particularly resistant to wear and constant stress, especially for business solutions where self-service is their strong point.

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