Geprom lineguide display stand for the museum Leonardo

Geprom display stands were chosen as support for “Leonardo3 – The world of Leonardo”, on show at Milan which tells about the genius of Leonardo with the latest discoveries, world premieres and interactive experiences. Set up in Piazza della Scala, at the entrance of the gallery in the prestigious premises of the “Sale del Re”, it is the most important interactive and multidisciplinary show dedicated to Leonardo, artist, inventor and his ingenious machines. For the display space, content and duration, this show is an important event for families, students, tourists and anyone interested in discovering more about Leonardo da Vinci in terms and objects never seen before.

The solutions used to prepare the show area are the display stands String-GuideLine, an example of an extremely versatile product which can be placed in any context. Composed of a column with a base making weight and hooks to attach ribbons or cords, String-GuideLine is the indispensable equipment not only for indicating the show route but also for delimiting security around exhibits. The column String-GuideLine was also chosen for its particular construction, on the top it can be equipped with message holder-pockets made of shockproof transparent Plexiglas®. This also allows String-GuideLine to be used to exhibit communications and notices for visitors, completing the setting up of the show with useful information for space organization.

For further information about the show: www.leonardo3.net

espositori-museo-leonardo geprom-museo-leonardo