A partnership with synergy that binds Geprom and Fashion Fashion Group, an Italian International leader that designs, manufactures, sells and manages big business areas such as Outlet.

In fact, over the years Geprom has developed and supplied its display quality for the setting up of three Factory Outlet forming the group: Fashion District Mantua Outlet, Fashion District Valmontone Outlet and Fashion District Molfetta Outlet.

Among the most recent involvements of the group has been the restyling of Fashion District Molfetta a second generation Outlet which obtained the important award for Best Customer Experience at Innova Retail Award 2014, the recognizing “Accenture and Gruppo 24 Ore” dedicated to companies that have distinguished themselves for their innovative projects.  The new complex and innovative infrastructure, with its architectural and design content, new environments and spaces dedicated to entertainment, required an important intervention by Geprom which has designed and manufactured customized display stands for the functional needs and design of the new Outlet.

For this restyling Geprom studied some new non-invasive display-stand solutions, capable of fitting in perfectly within a well-kept context from the choice of material to the study of the design.

The most important intervention was dedicated to the entrance enclosures and to the display stands, imposing structures with Cor-Ten finish effect. This matches the recent restyling of Outlet giving a sophisticated appeal and defining the identity of institutional communication.

The entrance enclosures are characterized by a plaque showing in relief, for easy and simple identification, the layout of the numbered buildings. The area for the caption was studied to favour its replacing and allow the updating in case of new point of sales.  While the totem, placed in open spaces, have been equipped with film covered water proof panels to allow for quick message exchange.

For each store, Geprom offered the showcase display stand WW-Display (pocket A4 module and wires), the desk display stand DDVP with flags showing the Fashion District brand and the latest plates/signposts, specifically designed by having a streamlined design improvement to enhance the visibility of all available brands.

Furthermore, big display stands made of Plexiglas® have been positioned: Expo-plex, model designed by Geprom which can be renewed easily and quickly thanks to the removable films that allow a message change without leaving marks. These display stands have also been placed in the skate park, a space that reflects the new metamorphosis of Fashion District Molfetta.

Geprom also arranged the display system of the infopoint, supplying the front desk with the display stands WW-Display and WR-Display, and for Fashion Art, the showroom gallery for temporary shows where shop windows are equipped with big sized WS-Display.

– The relaxation areas together with the skate park (the biggest Italian indoor skate park) and the baby parking are spaces designed to transform a day at Molfetta Outlet into a real authentic experience. For these areas with thoughtful decor and rich in amenities, Geprom supplied special pockets and depliant dispensers. In addition, for the public access areas such as the entrance and toilets, the Brescia based company supplied the wall system WR-Display with pockets.