Display stands for estate agencies

Geprom presents a wide range of display stands for estate agencies. These display stands know how to respond to the specific needs of this particular sector. The continuous updating of proposals [...]

Display stands for banks and credit lendings

Featuring a minimal design and top quality content, the Geprom display stands are the perfect tools to support bank indoor communication activities. The display stands for banks made by Geprom [...]

Communicate in big spaces: display stands for malls and outlet centers

The Geprom display stands made of Plexiglas® are the ideal tool to support communication activities in malls and outlet centers. The stable and self-supporting display stand Expo-Totem, with its [...]

Solutions for municipal districts and Public Adminisrations

To manage, store, hold papers of information and divulgations on the premises of public buildings, Geprom makes display stands for municipal districts, public administrations and display systems [...]

Display stands for cinemas and theaters

Specialized in the design and manufacture of display stands and products for the sector of visual communication, Geprom makes display stands for cinemas and theaters, functional tools for the [...]

Display stands on wheels: communication in movement

The Geprom mobile display stands are essential tools especially for those who need  rapid message handling within exhibition spaces. Designed to allow a different layout configuration according [...]

Display stands for universities, schools and institutes

The display stands for universities made by Geprom are the ideal tools to facilitate communication between institutions and the end user. The supports designed and assembled by Geprom are perfect [...]

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